Remote-Control-Off-Road-Electronic-Toy-Cars Remote-Control-Off-Road-Electronic-Toy-Cars Remote-Control-Off-Road-Electronic-Toy-Cars
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Remote Control Off Road Electronic Toy Cars

Main Features:

  • Full-scale four-wheel drive off-road high-speed vehicle, strengthened anti-fall and anti-collision frame, front and rear four-drive design
    • Two different speed modes, the unique chassis has a large independent shock absorption function
    • Whether it’s the open desert wilderness or navigating tough rocky sections with ease
    • Easily cross multiple scenes :Suitable for driving on a variety of different terrains
    • Shock-absorbing chassis tccicadas High-elastic shock-absorbing: The body adopts 4 independent shock absorbers, simulated model design, excellent strength and toughness, separate shock-absorbing chassis design, can adapt to a variety of rugged scenes
    • Dual mode switching at will: there are two different driving modes: standard mode and high-speed mode, which can be selected according to different road conditions
    • Strong motor, strong power output: the front and rear built-in motors can easily climb all kinds of steep slopes/slopes

Package List:

  • RC car*1
  • Remote control*1
  • Other Parts*1 Set

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