Pack-Of-3-Pcs-Needle-Threader-Elderly-Guide-Needle-Sewing Pack-Of-3-Pcs-Needle-Threader-Elderly-Guide-Needle-Sewing Pack-Of-3-Pcs-Needle-Threader-Elderly-Guide-Needle-Sewing
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Pack Of 3 Pcs Needle Threader Elderly Guide Needle Sewing

  • Needle Threader for Sewing Machine: Our sewing machine needle threader makes needlework easy and fast. Great gift ideas for mother or elderly.
  • Easy to Use: the embroidery needle threader through the eye of the needle, then put the thread on the easy needle threader, and finally pull the sewing needle threader from the eye of the needle. Practical sewing supplies for the old, tailors and those who do sewing work.
  • Wide Applications: Threaders for sewing works for any size of thread, especially fits for threading those needles with small needle eye. Suitable for most sewing works, leather, denim, silk, canvas and cotton, different size needles can be applied to cross stitch, decorative stitching and embroidery.
  • Premium Needle Threader For Hand Sewing: The high-quality leaf-shaped plastic handle makes it easier to hold. The slender wire makes the sewing machine threader soft and flexible. The small hole at the end of the leaf allows simple threader for needles to be hung on the wall or keychain.
  • Size Detail: 1.57 inch in length, 0.79 inch in width and 0.12 inch in thickness, the steel wire length is about 0.2 inch. You will get 12 pieces automatic needle threader in the package.(Colors are in random.)

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