Deep-cleaning-Silicone-Toilet-Brush Deep-cleaning-Silicone-Toilet-Brush Deep-cleaning-Silicone-Toilet-Brush
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Deep-cleaning Silicone Toilet Brush

Product details

  • Efficient cleaning: It can deepen the cleaning of the gap better, can penetrate into the pipe and groove, and better reach the dead corner or the lower edge part.
  • TPR brush head: It is moderately soft and can be bent freely. Even if the brush head is used to clean the toilet, it will not scratch the toilet. It can also be cleaned easily, you don’t need to worry about cleaning after using the brush.
  • Independent holder: solves the problem of nowhere to put the toilet brush or the toilet brush cannot keep the bathroom clean and hygienic.
  • Reduce odor: There is a cover at the intersection of the brush head and the handle. When you put the toothbrush into the holder, it can block the internal odor and will not leave an unpleasant odor in the bathroom.
  • Breathable bracket: The bracket is detachable and has a slot that allows water and sewage to evaporate quickly, making it easier to dry and drain the toilet brush.
  • Anti-slip handle: The handle is ergonomic, very suitable for your hand, and the humanized handle avoids sliding and bending.


  • Color specifications:white, blue, green, pink
  • Packing quantity:50
  • Commodity weight:0.3kg
  • Commodity packaging: opp bag
  • Product size:36.5*9.8*4.3cm
  • Commodity material:PP+TPR
  • Carton size:52*38*48cm

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